virtual dreamer

nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

Aboout The Specialty Sounds

What helps you fall asleep? Is there a certain scenario or sound (nature or otherwise) that puts you right out? I have heard from many patrons and the subjective dreamscapes run the gamut from a sinking ship, a cave with a bear and a soothing horse stable environment. When I first start a relaxing soundscape I ask myself two questions. Will it be ultimately soothing and is it technically possible? While I usually want a 'yes' to both questions, if the first answer is yes and the latter is no... it further piques my interest. One of the few questions I do not ask myself is: Will anyone buy it? I have been told I should always consider this first but somehow it takes the fun out of it.  While ocean waves and thunderstorms are relaxing they are not much of a technical challenge. Ultimately, however, this is a business that needs to make a few bucks so I put my unusual audio experiments in something I call Specialty Sounds and keep it buried deep enough in the site as to not be found easily. It's not that I do not like them. I really do. It's just that they are very esoteric and subjective takes on unusual scenarios.

It is in the Specialty Vault where I let my imagination loose. Future specialty vault sounds might include something I call Altered States. This is kind of a 'what if' scenario as in what if I were a primate or a bird. What would my environment sound like? That's why I call them experiments.

I have also done a few visualization experiments: jumping on a trampoline (higher and higher until you finally start to fly), cliff diving, rock climbing and so on. I might put some kind of compilation dreamscape together of a variety of visualization sequences just to see what happens. As I have stated before, visualization and dreaming utilize many of the same brain functions. All are inherently tied to the Secondary Visual Cortex ; the imagination station in all our big human brains. 

Although I love recording and mixing conventional nature sounds there is a big part of me that likes to push the envelope. If you have a relaxation audio scenario you would like explored drop me an email. I get some of the better ideas from interested individuals.