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June 01, 2009

The World's Most Unique Relaxation Audio

I have been avoiding the use of the term ' world's most unique relaxation sounds' because it sounded a bit like hyperbole' to me. A little over hyped ... kind of like a side show barker.  " Step right in, folks and hear the world's most unique...".  Well, you get the picture. But it's true. We have the world's most unique deep relaxation and sleep onset recordings. I have looked everywhere. We are it. To confirm my belief, recently I signed up for Google's Adwords. You know, those ads that pop up on virtually every site (including this one).  Google warns against hyperbole, titillating superlatives and 'over-hyped' advertisements.  They say they will disapprove any ad that uses these tactics to get clicks.  But, just for the heck of it, I wrote this little ad:

     Worlds Most Unique Sounds

     Unique Nature Sounds for deep sleep

     and relaxation. Brand new for 2009.


I waited for the ad to be shot down. I waited and waited. Someone at Google would go to my site to check it out. More waiting... and then...


Someone at Google thinks that we really do have the world's most unique soundscapes... so when you see that tagline on our pages and online ads you can blame/thank Google. :)

Talk at 'cha later!