About the Specialty Sound Vault

We make sleep and nature MP3's here but we occasionally will delve into other areas just to see what happens. To avoid confusion most of these 'virtual dreamscapes' are placed in the specialty sounds section. A few of these sounds were made specifically for one patron or another. Some were experiments, while others were the product of ...'what if...?'.

None of them are big sellers as the esoteric nature of their inception would suggest, but I have a place in my heart for all of them as they were constructed with the best of intentions. Can you sleep to them? Well, yes... and no. Certainly you can sleep to the Meditative Chants. But Tornado Alley?  I have one that I will be putting out in the next few days called 'Midnight on the Midway'. It's going right into the specialty vault as there is a little too much going on. But it's an excellent recording that simulates a county fair.

Making a 'virtual dream' sleep CD is a bit like painting a picture. You think you know where you want to go with it but occasionally they take off in a different direction. Unlike making pseudo sleep CD's (you really didn't think all those 'nature CD's' you find on the net were actual live recordings, did you?) our recordings are more akin to 'studio productions' that attempt to audibly capture a unique moment in time.

Talk at 'cha later!


Some of our recordings you might enjoy:

Hawaiian Waterfall  Sailing in Storm waterfallTropical Storm