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nextI have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

About Visualization and Nature Sounds

I was conversing on Twitter the other day. By conversing I mean texting, in a 140 characters or less, what this site is all about. I tried to tell them that visualization combined with naturally soothing recordings will put some of the hardest of the hard core insomniacs to sleep. They surfed over to this site and messaged me back something to the effect of 'I don't get it... why would anyone want to be on a train in a thunderstorm?'

'I don't get it'... I can imagine that that is what some people said when seeing the Internet in the mid-1980's for the first time. Being a world class insomniac myself I get it. Its all about visualization.

Visualization is the flow of thoughts you can imagine seeing and hearing. The imagined visualizations are a representation of our experiences or fantasies - and a way your mind codes, retains, and expresses information. Visualization and imagination are the stuff of dreams and daydreams; memories and reminiscence; plans, projects, and possibilities. It is the language of the arts, the emotions, and most important, of the inner self.

Imagination is a window on our inner psyche; a way of viewing your own ideas, feelings, and interpretations. Without imagination, humankind would be long extinct. It took imagination, the ability to conjure up new possibilities, to make fire, create electricity, and cultivate crops; to construct buildings, invent automobiles, aircraft, space shuttles, radio, television, and the Internet.

To be able to visualize a setting, be it relaxing or adventurous, while hearing soothing nature recordings allows our big human brains to slip effortlessly into dreamland. The same part of our brains, the secondary visual cortex,  that is active in dreaming is also active during visualization. So, in effect, a bridge is built from the Alpha (relaxed) to the Theta (daydreaming) brainwave state.  Deep Delta brainwaves soon follow and, with them, you are asleep.

Whether it's through natural sleep onset, meditation; or even our virtually real nature sounds, the eventual goal is to reach the Theta brainwave state. You've been there. When you drove for miles and didn't remember how you got there your mind was in the Theta state. When you've looked out the window on a rainy day and felt that far off relaxed sleepy feeling, you were there. Unless you are taking drugs to induce artificial relaxation you probably experience the Theta brainwave state every night. This occurs right before you fall asleep. Our recordings supercharge this concept by combining relaxing recordings with visualizations that only the audio defines.

So, I ask you... What's not to get?

If you have trouble relaxing and/or sleeping do your big human brain a favor and at least try our version nature sounds. If they do not work for you we will give you your money back. That I promise you. All we ask is that you do one thing: Visualize.



Insomnia can be an indication of a serious underlying health condition. Our opinions are in no way intended to be taken as medical advice. If you feel your insomnia issue warrants it please seek the advice of a qualified physician.