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I have written extensively over the years about the process of falling asleep and have sorted my journal into four areas of interest.

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Why We Sleep : The Evolution of Bedtime

Hello. My name is Brad McBride. I thought I would move my "deep thoughts" to this site. Makes sense to me. The bane of my existence has always been insomnia. So, that is what I will talk about, mainly. I will also occasionally spout-rant-complain about having an Internet biz, and the trials and tribulations of such a venture. But, as my first offering to the blogosphere, I would like to talk about why we sleep from the perspective of a world class insomniac... well, at least I was.

People that say 'sleep is a mystery' are a mystery to me. There is no mystery here. Over millions of years of survival tactics animals learned to expend the bulk of their energies during the day hunting or being hunted. That is unless they had developed incredible night vision, which we humans had not. No, we humans were challenged. We cannot fly, are not fleet of foot, and certainly do not have the bulk or ferocity of larger carnivorous mammals. So, we spent he day depleting our energies hunting rabbits and attempting to not become a grizzly's lunch time snack. Then night would come. Ah, sweet night. The great equalizer. We would head back to the safety of our caves, huddle with more energy depleted humans, and let our bodies rest up for tomorrow's survival game.

We sleep because, thru natural evolution, we had to.

Like every animal, to survive you had to be 'on your game'. Animals only have so much energy to go around. So, voila! Sleep. Nature's recharge station. Cut to one million years later. It's still about survival and the feeling of safety.

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