We Guarantee Our Sleep and Relaxation MP3's !

guarantee Using nature sounds to induce sleep onset is not new. Ocean waves, thunderstorms, rain and the like have been helping people relax for decades. What we do, however, is a new innovation. Through the use of audio effects we place the listener in a virtually real environment that combines our mind's natural ability to visualize with relaxing sleep inducing sounds. We are so sure that this new concept will help you to sleep that we are offering a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply drop us an email at admin@virtualdreamer.com within 2 weeks of purchase using the same email address you used during checkout and we will return you money via PayPal within 24 hours. This offer extends to the purchase of no more then two of our Sleep MP3 downloads in a 30 day period.

All MP3's are available for immediate download. We use secure merchant services for debit/credit card purchases and never see any of your credit information. No Paypal? No problem. Just choose 'Pay as a Guest' during checkout.

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