Smoky Mountain Rain

Smoky Mountain Rain

There is a general perception amongst us humans that all gets quiet during a rain shower. I go to the Smoky's often and can state categorically that this is not so. Although muted, birds still sing, frogs still croak and other wildlife can still be heard in the distance. In a place like the Great Smoky Mountain, where it rains quite often, the combination of wildlife and rain produces a uniquely peaceful soundscape. Our virtual mountain shower continuously changes in intensity throughout this long recording. Birds and other animals are kept at a non-distracting distance. This recording has a two minute fade at the end to prevent sudden awakening.

audio sample

A distant mourning dove is heard during a rain shower

Recorded at 320 Kbit/s

size: 150 MB

duration: 65:00 minutes



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An 8 hour all night long version is available by clicking here



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