Crows in the Cornfield ©

 Crows In A Cornfield

A storm is blowing in as a distant tractor heads for the barn. Crows have gathered in the cornfield. There is something about the sound of crows that sets a certain mood. Is it their enigmatic nature or the loneliness of their calls? Picture a bucolic farm on a cloudy day. Distant farm sounds mix with wind and an incoming thunderstorm. The scarecrow does not seem to be doing his job as a murder of crows move in just before the rain shower begins. While we have explored some sounds of farm life in this dreamscape, the bulk of this recording is distant crows, thunder, wind and rain. All crows leave the dreamscape by minute 30 and you are left with a thunder shower that fades slowly at the end.

Recorded at Studio Quality 320 Kbit/s

size: 146 MB

duration: 62:00 minutes

audio sample

A distant tractor passes near the beginning

audo sample

Crows are heard as the wind blows in before the storm



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