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Night in a Ghost Town

old western town

The year.1875. The place. Somewhere dusty and barren. You been on horseback all day and see a thunderstorm rolling in. Are you being chased by a posse or just on a long hard ride? You decide... that's the beauty of Virtual Dreaming. A small town appears on the horizon. Riding the trail alone for days a cowboy might long for human companionship but you ride into this town only to find it abandoned, or is it? This is the premise of Night in a Ghost Town. The primary sounds in this Guaranteedreamscape are rain, wind and thunder. Visualization sequences include an old saloon, an abandoned hotel and a few surprises. They say any port in a storm... but any ghost town in the rain?

 Recorded at studio quality 320 Kbit/s     size: 90MB    duration: 41:10 minutes

Audio Sample   Riding into the ghost town. The sound of a horse bridle jingling

Audio Sample   Going to a boarding house where a dusty bell still sits on the counter.

Audio Sample   Sitting in an upstairs hotel room with the window open.

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