The Houseboat ©

Your boat is docked at the pier while you experience the sounds of the harbor. It could easily be a sailboat or a small yacht but for descriptive purposes lets call it a houseboat. It could be on a lake or docked at an ocean pier... you decide! Houseboat living is wonderfully romantic and peaceful. The sounds of harbor-life include boats coming and going, water lapping against the side of the vessel, a gentle wind chime and birds at a non-Guaranteedistracting distance. A brief summer shower occurs by minute fifteen, but quickly dissipates into the soothing rocking of the boat in small waves.

Recorded at 256 Kbit/s

size: 112 Megabytes

 duration: 60:00 minutes

Audio Sample

A large boat is heard from a distance while water laps against the boat. Birds can be heard at a non-distracting distance.

Audio Sample

In this sample near the onset of the recording a party boat comes by creating a small wake on the water.


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