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Amazon Zip-Line

Amazon Zipline

A rain forest dreamscape with a virtual dreamer twist. We ride a zip-line over the jungle's canopy and down onto the jungle floor. The first few minutes are zip-line sounds combined with wind. The jungle sounds becomes more apparent as we get closer to terra firma. Our tent is next to a river that runs thru the thick foliage. Being a rain forest, there are intermittent rain showers. Occasional indigenous tribal Guaranteedrumming wafts in from a non-distracting distance. The primary nature sounds are rainforest birds, distant jungle animals, river sounds and occasional relaxing rain showers but there is so much more.

If you are looking for a jungle sound scenario without the zipline check out our Pure Ambiance section

Recorded at CD Quality 192 Kbit/s   size: 82MB    duration: 50:00 minutes

Audio Sample

In the opening minutes we head over the treetops on a zipline

Audio Sample

On the ground the jungle sounds take over



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