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Twilight Golf

golfing in hawaii

This relaxation and sleep MP3 download finds you golfing alone. You are the last one on a seaside golf course as the sun slowly sinks. You are on the par five 18th hole and as you get closer to the last green the ocean comes into full view. You hear distant water sprinklers and mowers as the club is closing for the evening. You hear the flag on the flagstick fluttering as you finish your round with a birdie. You observe the Guaranteesunset over the sea from a vista near the clubhouse. Peaceful golf course ambiance with an ocean backdrop. The primary relaxing sound is ocean waves but there is so much more.

Audio Sample A few practice swings and you let 'er rip

Audio Sample Watching the waves from the clubhouse

Recorded at CD Quality 192 Kbit/s   size: 82MB    duration: 60:00 minutes


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