Welcome to our specialty section for unique soundscapes

Welcome to our specialty area. We created this area to highlight the more esoteric and user specific recordings we have made. Consider this our 'experimental' section as we let our imagination loose to probe many different scenarios that might help individuals relax and fall asleep. The soundscapes below all use natural and/or nature sounds but, in general, defy categorization. Some were suggestions by patrons while others were simply the product of 'what would it sound like if?' Some of our best audio dreamscapes come as suggestions. If you have an interesting idea please email us.

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Christmas City

Ghost Town

Murmur at the Symphony

Maui Scuba Dive

The Meditative Chants

Christmas Eve in the City

Night in a Ghost Town

The sound of a large crowd murmuring has an immediate sleep inducing effect on some people. In this dreamscape the listener is going thru a lobby and into a large theater for the evening symphony.

You and some friends ride out on a Zodiac inflatable boat for an afternoon dive. Humpback whales are visiting for the winter and the dolphins abound. Unique diving ambiance to sooth you to sleep.

Relaxing multi-denominational and spiritual chants from around the globe combine with a soothing rolling thunder, Zen bells and chimes for deep meditation.


It's a holiday soundscape as a Hansom Cab ride brings you a few blocks from your apartment. You travel on foot as the hail turns to snow. Relaxing holiday ambiance abound as you head home before the snowstorm.

You have been on horseback for days as a thunderstorm rolls in. A small town appears on the horizon but you find it abandoned... or is it? Plenty of thunder and rain to set the mood.

65:00 minutes

















Golfing Audio

jungle ambiance

White Water Audio

The Submarine

Tornado Alley

Twilight Golf

Amazon Zip-Line

White Water

Spend the night in our virtual submarine. We added plenty of brown noise together with engine drone and sub ambiance to create this unique dreamscape. More samples can be heard on the product page.

Leading up to the funnel cloud passing safely overhead weather alerts are heard. As the storm gets closer the winds pick up and hail begins to fall. Audible tornado warnings are heard.

You are the last one on a seaside golf course. As you get closer to the last green the ocean comes into full view. Golfing and golf course ambiance combine with peaceful ocean waves.


A rain forest dreamscape with a virtual dreamer twist. The primary jungle sounds are rain forest birds, river sounds and rain but there is so much more. In the sample below we ride the zipline.

We head to the foothills of the mountains for this peaceful dreamscape featuring the sound of river water. After the rapids the river widens so you can relax to water and wilderness.

61:00 minutes











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