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Walk in the Rain

Your car runs out of gas just a mile from your home. So you decide to walk it. The storm starts out as just a spring shower but rapidly increases in strength as you make you way down a country road. Rain strikes your umbrella, you walk over a covered bridge and past a railroad crossing. As thunder sounds you hear strange church bells ringing. Could they be coming from that old abandoned church down the street? The wind and rain intensify as you head for cover in the old church. While most of our sounds have no narration this recording has a guided imagery option.

Storm Walker is unique amongst our products as there is more of a 'storyline' in this dreamscape than any we produced. Comes with or without a guide vocal. In the sample below you walk through the rain and over a covered bridge that spans a rushing stream.

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Recorded at 192 Kbit/s

size: 35 MB

duration: 25:00 minutes

Vocal     add  4.95

No Vocal add  4.95

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