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Summer Porch

You will rarely see the same old nature sounds at virtualdreamer.com. One of the keys to making an effective sleep recording is finding the appropriate repetitive sound to lull you to sleep. Repetitive sounds, such as ocean waves or the drone of a fan, can have a hypnotic effect. In this case the main sound are water sprinklers... but there is so much more. Familiar sound effects and nature sounds are placed in the background through the recording. Birds are heard at a non-distracting distance as well as distant lawn mowers, a far-off train, and even an ice cream truck. Enjoy a virtual lazy summer day and get an excellent night's sleep.

Recorded at 320 Kbit/s

size: 140 Megabytes

 duration: 60:00 minutes

In the sample below you hear the virtual water sprinkler, a distant lawn mower, and a far off ice cream truck passing. You will also hear a distant dog (don't worry he only barks sparingly near the beginning of the recording).

Audio Sample 

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