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fair at night

What sounds work for us as individuals is completely subjective and is one of the reasons why our soundscapes come in so many 'flavors'. In this dreamscape the relaxing, happy and sometimes lively ambiance of a state fair are explored. The Fairgrounds is our rendition of one of the more unique sounds most of us have experienced. While the main sound is crowd murmur there are also the sounds of carnival games and ambient music. Carnival barkers are ever present but kept at a non-distracting distance. There is a brief fireworks show at around minute six. You will also wander through the farm animal pavilion, and up and down the midway. There is lively fair background music that wafts in from time to time as distant laughter and mechanical ride sounds round out this one of a kind dreamscape. So real you might wake up craving cotton candy!

In the sample below you wander by a food concession

audio sample

Recorded at 256 Kbit/s

size: 75 MB

duration: 40:00 minutes


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