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Thunder Train

The Virtual Sound Company makes visualizing enjoyable and relaxing. Imagine yourself at a railroad station boarding a steam train during a thunderstorm. In Thunder Train the hectic railroad station ambiance is quickly replaced by the soothing rhythmic sounds of your club car rocking on the train tracks while rain gently strikes the steam train's window. The first few minutes has you boarding, getting seated, and leaving the station. The bulk of the recording is pure train ambiance with the sound of rain on the Guaranteewindows and distant thunder. It is the combination of train sounds with rain and thunder that creates a unique ambiance for sleep or relaxation. All aboard! The next stop is Dreamland. We have two samples below.

If you are seeking the sound of a train ride with no thunder check out our Pure Ambiance section.

Recorded at Studio Quality 256 Kbit/s

size: 117 Megabytes

 duration: 63:00 minutes

Boarding at the station

audio sample

The train on the tracks

audio sample

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