Tips for Insomnia

For those who are experiencing trouble sleeping there really is something new. An audio sleep-aid using natural sounds and visualization designed for the overactive mind. These sleep onset recordings bring you into a virtually real audio environment and, thru your own ability to visualize the setting, promote sleep induction. Visit our homepage for a variety of dreamscapes all mixed with the single goal of falling asleep.

Insomnia is an awful feeling. A lonely feeling. And quite frankly, if the insomnia is bad enough, a frightening feeling. It can affect your job, your relationships and ultimately your health.

Below are a few tips to aid with sleep onset issues derived from my 25 years of insomnia*

Make sure your sleeping quarters are not in disarray. Clutter is not the friend of an insomniac.

The time you go to bed, as well as the time you wake up, should be consistent. Even on weekends.

The human body is usually at it's coolest at bedtime. On hot nights I have a frozen bottle of water next to my body.

Do not eat a large meal before bed. While the rest of your body is trying to fall asleep your digestive system is working overtime.

A glass of burgundy might be fine, a half-pint of vodka is a no-no and can lead to Alcohol Dependent Sleep Disorder

Turn your alarm clock away from your view. Watching the clock can create a 'negative feedback' thought process that can be trouble.

Avoid light at bedtime. Make your bedroom as dark as possible. Some black-out curtains might do the trick.

Sometimes you just need to get up and do something. A chore, like washing the dishes, could clear your mind for sleeping.

Have a regular routine you do before bedtime and stick with it. (i.e.: brush teeth, gargle, read a little, listen to soft music).

Are you a troubled sleeper on the road? Try bringing your own pillow. It works for me.

If you buy a new pillow do not throw your old comfy pillow away until you get used to the new one.

Exercise helps. It really does. Even if it is simply walking daily. 

Consciously slow your breathing. A few minutes of long slow breaths aids in falling asleep.

Self-induced eye tension is not good. Relax your eyes... this is important.

If you are having a fitful night's rest, sip a little water in between 'fits' . Some people swear by this.

Visualize a relaxing or peaceful setting or maybe just a scenario that makes you happy.

Visualize a relaxing or peaceful setting? Being a world class insomniac myself I have heard this homeopathic suggestion dozens of times. It is not as easy as it appears when your sleep is troubled by worries, problems, depression and/or stress going on in life. Our audio sleep-aids bridge the gap between an overactive mind and 'visualizing a peaceful setting' by creating a virtually real world of relaxing nature sounds.

sleeping guy"I have experienced trouble sleeping, and the accompanying anxiety about even attempting to fall asleep, for over 25 years. About 8 years ago I put together a CD for my own use that incorporated nature recordings (thunderstorms, wind, rain) with a subtle storyline. A story without words. This was a soundscape that 'moved'. As I mentally moved along with it, visualizing the setting, the bio-mechanics of sleeping were initiated" Brad McBride

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* Insomnia can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Information on sleeping issues presented at virtualdreamer.com is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.